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Advantages: Global Nutrition Academy

  • It's free
  • Drafted by world-class Physicians and registered dietitians
  • Easy to understand and practice
  • Scientifically proven, but no scientific background needed
  • Based on latest knowledge about human metabolism and nutrition needs
  • Divided in 12 Modules, each Nutrition Academy Module comes with 3 to 4 Lessons and its Summary and Quiz
  • Study at Nutrition Academy when and where ever you like, on your desktop or mobile device
  • Gives you free access to online coaching system: track your nutrition, calorie intake, sports activity, goal achievement and much more
  • Ask your personal coach if need, for free!


Our Program
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The Reason Why
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Get Fit Now
Physical activity is the other important thing to do. Get some advices how to get more actif.

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You don't need Herbalife Products to follow our nutrition advises, this Nutrition Learning Program gives you general knowledge about good nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Our health depends mainly on our daily food and water intake, as well as physical activity. So, the effort of watching theses nutrition and healthy lifestyle lessons will worth it definitively.  

Knowledge is power.

We wish you a long and healthy life!

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